The duration of the course shall be four academic years. Each academic year is divided into two semesters. Students should secure not less than 75% of attendance in class and related coursework assignments in each course.


Student must have passed 10+2 from PCM or equivalent


The course caters to include the study of all the basic engineering sciences as well as professional courses using latest equipments and design software. A Civil Engineer is concerned with the creation of constructed facilities. The activity involve planning, analysis, design, construction, and maintenance of a variety of structures such as buildings, highways, railways, waterways, airports, canals, dam, dock and harbors. It is the segment of the engineering profession that provides the basic engineering need of the developing nation.


1st Semester
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
NAS 103Engg. Mathematics-I4
NEC-101/NAS-104Electronics Engg./Professional Communication4
NAS102/NME102Engg. Chemistry/Engg. Mechanics4
NEE-101/NCS 101Basic Electrical Engg./Computer System and Programming in C4
NAS-101Engg. Physics-I3
NME-101/NAS-105Basic Manufacturing Processes/Environment & Ecology2
NAS-152/NME-152Engg. Chemistry Lab/ Engg. Mechanics Lab1
NEE-151/NCS-151Basic Electrical Engg. Lab/Computer Programming Lab1
NEW-151/NCE-151Workshop Practice/ Computer Aided Engg. Graphics2
NAS-151/NAS-154Engg. Physics Lab/Professional Communication Lab1
Total Credits26

2nd Semester
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
NAS-203Engg. Mathematics-II4
NEC-201/NAS-204Electronics Engg./Professional Communication4
NAS-202/NME-202Engg. Chemistry/ Engg. Mechanics4
NEE-201/NCS-201Basic Electrical Engg./Computer System and Programming in C4
NAS-201Engg. Physics-II3
NME-201/NAS-205Basic Manufacturing Processes / Environment & Ecology2
NAS-252/NME-252Engg. Chemistry Lab/ Engg. Mechanics Lab1
NEE-251/NCS-251Basic Electrical Engg. Lab/Computer Programming Lab1
NWS-251/NCE-251Workshop Practice/Computer Aided Engg. Graphics2
NAS-251/NAS-254Engg. Physics Lab/Professional Communication Lab1
Total Credits26

3rd Semester
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
EME302Strength of Material4
EAS-301/EOE 031-038Mathematics III / Science based Open Elective4
EHU301/EHU-302Industrial Psychology /Industrial Sociology2
ECE 301Fluid Mechanics4
ECE 302Building Materials & Construction4
EHU111Human Values and Professional Ethics
ECE351Fluid Mech Lab1
ECE352Buildg. Materials Lab1
ECE353Surveying Lab1
ECE354Building Planning & Drawing1
GP 301General Proficiency1
Total Credits26

4th Semester
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
EHU402/EHU-401Industrial Sociology/Industrial Psychology2
EOE 041-048/EAS401Science based open elective /Mathematics-III4
ECE 401Structural Analysis-14
ECE 402Geoinformatics4
ECE 403Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines4
ECE 404Engineering Geology3
EHU 111Human Values and Professional Ethics
ECE 451Structural Analysis Lab1
ECE 452Geoinformatics Lab1
ECE 453Hydraulics & Machine Lab1
GP 401General Proficiency1
Total Credits26

5th Semester
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
EHU501Engineering & Managerial Economics3
ECE501Geotechnical Engg4
ECE504Structural Analysis-24
ECE505Design of Concrete Structures-14
ECE502Transportation Engg-13
ECE503Environmental Engg-13
EHU111Human Values and Professional Ethics
ECE551Geotechnical Engg lab1
ECE552Transportation lab1
ECE553Cad Lab-11
ECE554Quantity Surveying & Estimation1
GP 501General Proficiency1
Total Credits26

6th Semester
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
EHU601Industrial Management3
ECE602Environmental Engg-24
ECE011-ECE014Departmental Elective-I2
ECE021-ECE024Departmental Elective-II4
ECE601Design of Concrete Structures–25
ECE603Transportation Engg-23
EHU111Human Values and Professional Ethics
ECE653Cad Lab-21
ECE652Environmental Engg lab1
ECE651Structural Detailing Lab1
ECE654Survey Camp1
GP 601General Proficiency1
Total Credits26

Departmental Electives:
Departmental Electives-I:
Subject CodeSubject Name
ECE 011Advanced Foundation Design
ECE 012Matrix Analysis of Structures
ECE 013EIA and Auditing
ECE 014Principles of Town Planning and Architecture

Departmental Electives-II:
Subject CodeSubject Name
ECE 021Advanced Concrete Design
ECE 022Earth and Earth Retaining Structures
ECE 023Transportation System and Planning
ECE 024Rural Water Supply and Sanitation

7th Semester
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
EOE071-EOE074Open Elective-I4
ECE031-ECE034Department Elective-III4
ECE041-ECE044Department Elective-IV4
ECE701Design of Steel Structures4
ECE702Water Resources Engg4
EHU111Human Values and Professional Ethics
ECE752Industrial Training1
GP 701General Proficiency1
Total Credits26

Open Elective-I**
Subject CodeSubject Name
EOE-071Entrepreneurship Development
EOE-072Quality Management
EOE-073Operations Research
EOE-074Introduction to Biotechnology

Departmental Electives:
Departmental Electives-III:
Subject CodeSubject Name
ECE 031Bridge Engineering
ECE 032Finite Element Methods
ECE 033Environmental Geotechnology
ECE 034Industrial Pollution Control

Departmental Electives-IV:
Subject CodeSubject Name
ECE 041Precast and Modular Construction Practices
ECE 042Plastic Analysis of Structures
ECE 043Open Channel Flow
ECE 044Tunnel Engineering

8th Semester
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
EOE081-EOE084Open Elective-II4
ECE051-ECE054Departmental Elective-V4
ECE061-ECE064Departmental Elective-VI4
ECE801Construction Technology & Management3
EHU111Human Value and Professional Ethics
GP 801General Proficiency1
Total Credits24

Open Elective-II**
Subject CodeSubject Name
EOE-081Non Conventional Energy Resources
EOE-082Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
EOE-083Product Development
EOE-084Automation and Robotics

Departmental Electives:
Departmental Electives-V:
Subject CodeSubject Name
ECE 051Computer Aided Design
ECE 052Analysis and Design of Hydraulic Structures
ECE 053Water Resources Systems
ECE 054Machine Foundation Design

Departmental Electives-VI:
Subject CodeSubject Name
ECE061Ground Improvement Techniques
ECE 062River Engineering
ECE 063Environmental Management in Industries
ECE 064Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures


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